Caring for grazes

Grazes are damages to the upper layers of skin caused by friction. They mostly occur on the legs, arms, hands or hips. Grazes rarely bleed profusely, but they hurt, often weep heavily and are prone to infections.

Graphical representation of hand washing as a wound treatment step in the Leukoplast wound care advisor.

1. Wash your hands:

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
Graphical representation of a running tap to illustrate the rinsing of the wound as a wound treatment step in the Leukoplast wound care advisor.

2. Clean the wound:

Clean the wound with running tap water. If needed pluck small pieces of grit or wood from the wound using sterile tweezers carefully.
Graphic representation of a hand absorbing fluid with a cloth to illustrate drying of the wound as a wound treatment step.

3. Dry the skin:

Pat the area dry with a clean towel.
Graphic representation of a hand pressing a compress on a wound to illustrate the stopping of the bleeding as a treatment step.

4. Stop the bleeding:

If the wound is bleeding, apply pressure using a clean and dry bandage, towel or handkerchief for several minutes.
Graphic representation of a hand applying a wound dressing to another wrist to symbolize covering the wound as a treatment step.

5. Dress the wound:

Allow the surrounding skin to dry. Protect the graze to allow for undisturbed healing and cover it with one of the specialized wound dressings below.

When to seek medical advice

A visit to the doctor is necessary if the graze

  • is heavily contaminated with particles.
  • is on the face, especially near the eyes.
  • bleeds or weeps persistently. Then a pressure bandage should be applied before seeing the doctor.
  • causes severe and prolonged pain.
  • affects a large area of skin, e.g. the entire thigh.

How long has it been since the last tetanus shot? Please consult a doctor to consider a vaccination.

When in doubt, see a medical expert

Many common wounds can be dealt with at home. But when should a doctor be consulted? Scroll down for more information!

Pictogram showing a medical expert.

Expert wound care for grazes

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