Surgical site dressings

Caring for wounds on fingers, fingertips, or even moving body parts: Leukoplast provides a choice of first aid dressings that meets all needs! Whether it is the type and size of the wound, the skin condition of the patient, allergy problems, damp or infection-sensitive environment - there are Leukoplast plasters for all conditions, which no first aid kit should be without!

A plaster for every wound
Quick and easy wound care
Reliable adhesion

Minimising the risk of wound infections


Absorbent, sterile dressing for minor to medium-sized wounds.

Leukomed® T plus

Skin-friendly sterile dressing with wound pad for small to medium-sized wounds.

Leukomed® T

Transparent film dressing for superficial and surgical wounds.

Leukomed® Sorbact®

Bacteria- and fungi-binding surgical dressing for postoperative care. 

Leukomed® Control

Transparent, air permeable sterile dressing for dry and low-exuding wounds.

Leukomed® T skin sensitive

Transparent adhesive film dressing for use on fragile or compromised skin.

Leukomed® skin sensitive

Absorbent wound dressing for sensitive or fragile skin

Leukomed® T plus skin sensitive

Waterproof wound dressing for acute wounds with low to moderate exudate levels.