Medical tapes

Attaching wound dressings, catheters, probes or cannulas: fixation plasters are ubiquitous in everyday medical life. But every situation is different! That's why Leukoplast has the right adhesive tape for every application and every skin type: high-quality surgical tapes that cover all your needs. Here you will find the right one for your needs, too!

Reliable fixation of dressings or devices
Customized for every skin type
With antimicrobial spool and snap ring

For every application the right fixation


Medical tape with high adhesive strength for dressings, traction bandages or devices.


Breathable and pliable medical tape for securing devices on very sensitive skin.


Breathable medical tape with high tensile strength


Waterproof, pliable medical tape for normal or sensitive skin.Waterproof, pliable medical tape for normal or sensitive skin.


Transparent medical tape for devices or occlusive dressings on sensitive skin.

Leukoplast® skin sensitive

Gentle removal medical tape for securing dressings on fragile or compromised skin.

Leukoplast® waterproof

Highly adhesive and waterproof medical tape for securing wound dressings or other devices.

Leukoplast® Sleek

Waterproof medical tape providing reliable dressing fixation and protection.