Surgical site dressing skin sensitive

Surgical and traumatic wounds bear the risk of infections. A sterile film dressing can reduce that risk by safely protecting the postoperative wound from pathogens. Designed for patients with fragile skin, patients whose skin is compromised either by disease, medication, or long-term treatment or infants with sensitive skin, the sterile Leukomed skin sensitive range of dressings provide a efficient barrier to contaminants and bacteria while minimizing damage to fragile and compromised skin.

Gentle on sensitive, fragile, vulnerable, compromised skin
Breathable materials
Atraumatic removal

Minimising the risk of wound infections

Leukomed® T skin sensitive

Transparent adhesive film dressing for use on fragile or compromised skin.

Leukomed® skin sensitive

Absorbent wound dressing for sensitive or fragile skin

Leukomed® T plus skin sensitive

Waterproof wound dressing for acute wounds with low to moderate exudate levels.