Retention bandages

Fixating even on moving body parts

Easifix® K

Smooth, light and breathable for securing wound dressings for all body parts including joints

Easifix® Cohesive

Cohesive bandage for securing wound dressings and splints and providing general support.

Medical tapes

For every application the right fixation


Medical tape with high adhesive strength for dressings of all types and sizes.


Breathable medical tape with high tensile strength, gentle on sensitive skin.


Breathable and pliable medical tape for securing devices on very sensitive skin.

Wide area fixation

The right fixation even for large wounds

Fixomull® stretch

Wide area fixation that’s highly adhesive and stretchy for wound dressing.

Hypafix® transparent

Transparent wide area fixation for devices and dressings, offering easy inspection.

Fixomull® skin sensitive

Atraumatic wide area fixation for dressings or devices on fragile or compromised skin.