Leukoplast® soft white

Leukoplast soft white is a breathable dressing for minor wounds including cuts and grazes. Designed for maximum comfort, it’s soft and flexible, conforms to the body with reliable adhesion and is easy to remove. The wound pad is highly absorbent yet non-stick.

  • Skin-friendly adhesive
  • Highly absorbent
  • Flexible and conformable

Product benefits

A feather demonstrating that this product is gentle on the skin.

Skin-friendly adhesive

It’s soft, uses skin-friendly, latex-free adhesive and is easy to remove.
Droplet-shaped outline, its lower half darkened to represent fluid management.

Highly absorbent

The wound pad is highly absorbent yet doesn’t stick to the wound, preventing further damage.
Two hands pulling the product in opposite directions to indicate stretchability.

Flexible and conformable

A soft bandage that’s transversely stretchable and supple, so it easily conforms to the shape of the body, making it comfortable to wear.

Product specifications

Leukoplast® soft white 7645007 6 cm x 10 cm 10 White
Leukoplast® soft white 7645026 1.9 cm x 4 cm 500 White
Leukoplast® soft white 7645027 6 cm x 10 cm 10 White

Information for use

Please make sure to always follow the instructions for use, including the safety information provided with the product. Not at hand? Find the needed safety information in this database!